The Academy of Distance Learning in Business (ADLiB)

ADLiB supplies an unbiased authentication of, and quality assurance for, distance learning programme providers.

The Academy of Distance Learning in Business (ADLiB) was set up so that users would know that rigorous standards of excellence would be satisfied and, where a distance learning course bears the ADLiB logo, you can be confident that our exacting standards (and yours) will be met.

For organisations to be successful in the certification process the focus of their distance learning products should be on practical, application-rich skills and techniques, which encourage individuals to develop their full potential as managers and professionals.

ADLiB’s fundamental approach to the certification of organisations supplying distance-learning courses is to assess and ensure that the use of the self-study method enables individuals to acquire sound knowledge and understanding of each chosen area in a way that suits them and their current work commitments.